Public Declaration

Well deserved compliment to our Visual Non Visual family efforts.

Public Declaration
The promotes and administer in our country the sustainable inclusion of
the FAMILY THAT LIVES IN A DARK WORLD (Non-Visual World Family).
Whilst that VISUAL NON-VISUAL NETWORK is grateful to all that has been done throughout the years
to help live and combat the daily hardships of these people and their families that this condition brings, we
also understand that there is so much more to be done for the Maltese society to be adjourned and informed.
This also includes the particular nature of accessibility for the ambient of a dark world.
The ibgnorance, or probably the loss of knowledge and facts, that we have experienced during the last few
days on the electronic media and sites regarding our friend Hon. Dr. Kevin Cutajar LL.D M.P. is a case in
Away from all the condemnations and solidarities, VISUAL NON-VISUAL NETWORK ORG cannot
ignore, or even approve without reserve, the urgent need the more help and full assistance.
Our country always deserved the best. And also do the people and their families who live a daily life in a dark
Without sounding in any other way, we are calling out in this public declaration in order to give out a very
clear signal, and as it should, of what we all believe in so that without more loss of time with us the blind and
our families.

Mingħajr ma nifthemu xorta oħra, qed insejħu din l-istqarrija pubblika biex nagħtu sinjal ċar u kif jixraq dwar
dak li nemmnu li huwa meħtieġ li jsir mingħajr aktar telf ta’ żmien, magħna l-ghomja w l-Familji taghna.
Hence now, VISUAL NON-VISUAL NETWORK ORG presents the initiative for MALTESE BLIND
ENTREPRENEURS, we are publicly asking for meetings with:
the Chamber of Commerce,
the Regions of the Local Councils,
the Political Parties,
the local MEP’S, and also
the office of the Prime Minister.
The last but surely not the least, we humbly state our full gratitude to the Transport Ministry, that we have
together worked to do the best in order that there would be a better balance for the people who live in this very
dark ambient, for the common good of the people of our Islands.

Today, the 10th of February 2021

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